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Somebody Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming
posted about 16 hours ago
Project of the Day
Derek Tonks likes to make things, and for his senior art project he's decided to build a full-size, Hollywood-quality monster suit. Designed to embody everyday fears, the suit features mechanical monster-claws, 12" stilts, and a fully articulated face with animatronic eyes. Cool!

Oh the Monster I'll Make! by Derek Tonks

MONSTER SUIT! Watch Derek as he builds, FROM SCRATCH, a full-size Horror creature suit out of professional Special Effects materials!

  • 35% funded
  • $1,228 pledged
  • 14
    days left
Stirling Elmendorf began photographing rural Japan ten years ago, capturing an intimate and often unseen cross-section of local life. Now, he hopes to return and complete this photographic series so that he can transform his vision into a fine art book.

✈Japan 2.0 - Hidden Trails✈ by Stirling Elmendorf

While living in Japan from 2014-2014, I was inspired to become a photographer. 7 years later, I'll see my old friend with new eyes...

  • 57% funded
  • $2,873 pledged
  • 26
    days left
Patrick Kindlon likes to write comics about sad, violent men (how romantic?), so with "The Urn" he brings you a story about a biker who returns home from prison only to be faced with news of his ex-wife's murder. A story of revenge for her killer unfolds, and violence ensues...

THE URN: A Hardboiled Crime Comic With Heart by Patrick Kindlon

A biker released from prison returns home to find he has no "home" left. His hopes of a normal life evaporate and only revenge remains.

  • 27% funded
  • $699 pledged
  • 54
    days left
After spending years chronicling and documenting the Bosozoku Biker Gangs of Japan, filmmaker Jamie Morris is set to bring the story of one aging biker to the big screen — in manga-mation.

Bosozoku Biker Gangs (FEATURE DOCUMENTARY) by Jamie Morris

Japanese bikers fight to resuscitate SPEED TRIBES - gangs infamous for motorcycle antics and modifications.

  • 77% funded
  • $6,171 pledged
  • 5
    days left
"Pariah" is a critically acclaimed feature film about a teenager who struggles to reconcile her identity with the expectations of her friends and family. An extremely personal story for filmmaker Dee Rees, the movie explores how individuality can sometimes be an act of courage.

Pariah the Movie by Dee Rees

Who do you become when you can't be yourself?

  • 64% funded
  • $6,489 pledged
  • 12
    days left
Renowned photographer Patrick Hoelck's project Polaroid Hotel pays tribute to the art of Polaroid photography. He is compiling a book and producing an exhibition that spans his 12-year career and captures both the nostalgia and the unpredictability of his work.

Polaroid Hotel by Patrick Hoelck

I would like to raise money to fund the publication of my Polaroid book and the exhibition of the images.

  • 32% funded
  • $4,012 pledged
  • 15
    days left
Now That's What I Call MIDI is a collection of your favorite '90s pop songs redone in classic midi style. The compilation of catchy digitally synthesized jams taps into our collective cyber-memory.

NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MIDI by ryder ripps

Help fund Internet Archaeology's very first pressing, Now That's What I Call MIDI

  • 116% funded
  • $2,909 pledged
  • 54
    hours left
With a cast of incredibly talented actors, a great story, and one of the best project videos we've ever seen, Jocelyn Towne has built an amazing community around her new film project "I Am I." Check out the video to see what all the buzz is about, and join the fun!

I Am I - Feature Film by Jocelyn Towne

A woman meets her mentally ill father who abandoned her as a child. He is convinced that she is his wife and tries to win her back.

  • 104% funded
  • $104,964 pledged
  • 31
    hours left
Indie poetry journal and reading series SUPERMACHINE is ready to launch its 2014 Literary Season. For $15 you can help these super-talented Brooklynites take production to the next level and get your very own copy of Issue

Supermachine Poetry Journal: 2014 Literary Season by SUPERMACHINE

Supermachine Poetry Journal is an independent publication in need of funding to print our 2014 literary season.

  • 43% funded
  • $1,298 pledged
  • 24
    days left
Experimental Brooklyn-based theater troupe Piehole is currently working on its latest creation, 2 Stories that End in Suicide. A combination of animation, live acting, and puppetry, the production takes a unique approach to live-action storytelling.

Piehole's 2 Stories that End in Suicide by Piehole

A theater piece that investigates the impossibility of identity in a context of repression using 2D puppets, animation, and mustaches.

  • 79% funded
  • $3,252 pledged
  • 49
    days left

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